Too Young to Lead?

When I first started in our children’s ministry I was just one year removed from Bible college. One of the hardest transitions for myself was being able to lead the volunteers. Each one of our volunteers were older than me and many of them knew me in high school. What is a pip-squeak like me going to tell these teachers who have been teaching/leading for a long time and some longer than I’ve been alive?!

I had to realize that I’m not supposed to be training them. I’m not supposed to teach them how to do their job. My training wasn’t on the right methods, it was about right motives. My training wasn’t an appeal to the heads of my volunteers, it was an appeal to their hearts.

Why are we serving in children’s ministry? Is it because we love babysitting and articulating the Bible stories or is it because we love the kids and have a genuine desire to see them grow “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord?”

When I began to share my heart, that’s when our volunteers (God’s servants) saw me not as too young to lead, but as a fellow laborer seeking to serve them and the kids God has entrusted to us.


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