No Curriculum? Try This…

One of the many things I do with our Jr. church ministry is preach…a lot. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE it. I love getting to share what God’s laid on my heart for the kids. One of my greatest joys recently has been the fact that I am learning where these kids are at spiritually on an individual level and I am able to structure my lessons to cater to their needs. I know this sounds overly simple, but the greatest help to me in preaching is to use a message series. This helps not only in preparation, but it helps the kids to remember the lessons they’ve learned about a particular theme and/or character.  Using a series has helped me keep focused on the particular subject and show the kids that there is so much to find in God’s Word if we are willing to dig a little!

I love how God gives us these great examples of people in His Word to teach us how to better live the Christian life. My current series is on the Life of Elijah. I will be posting the outlines from the series on here periodically over the next few weeks. Feel free to use them and the graphic I created for the series!


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