Using PowerPoint

One of the other visual things I do for the 4th to 6th grade is I use PowerPoint. I create a graphic that goes along with my lesson series and I use it on the handout and in the PowerPoint. It’s a simple way to keep the kids focussed on the sermon. How many of us adults NEED to get all the blanks from the handouts!? The kids are the same way. They love it! This is an easy way to show the kids that you spent time on the lesson by preparing these things for them.

Here is my graphic I created for my current series on Elijah. Feel free to use the graphic and the outlines for yourself. I will occasionally be posting a step-by-step for each graphic I create. I will also post the first outline for this series later today!



  1. Nice graphic! Notes have their place, but sometimes I think I am more concerned with making sure I get the fill-ins than paying attention to what is actually being said.


    1. Thanks, Andrew. True about the blanks. I’m the same way sometimes, but at least you have a handout to look over later!


  2. Really like to graphic! What program did you use to create it? We would really like to use it for a sermon series we are doing in the near future. Is there a way to download it without the text/fonts?


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