Object Lesson on Hypocrisy

Today I was scheduled to preach in Elementary chapel. Throughout the week I am always looking for a good object lesson that will tie in with a Biblical truth and this week boy did I get a great one.

I’ve only recently begun bringing fruit to eat at work for breakfast. Just yesterday morning I brought a nectarine that was screaming “I’m juicy! Eat me!”

So I get to work and what do I do first? I take a nice big bite out of my nectarine only to discover…Yup. It looked great on the outside, but inside it was all brown and nasty.

My object lesson was on Matthew 23:25-28 where Jesus condemns the Pharisees for being more concerned with their outward appearance than what is on the inside. So, this morning I grabbed the nectarine and headed out hoping that when I cut into this nectarine in front of all the kids, this one better be brown or my object lesson will fail.

I told the children that sometimes we are just like the Pharisees and just like this nectarine. We look good on the outside…

…but when God sees what’s inside He sees what we truly are.

Our “dead man’s bones” or our sins could be stealing, lying, anger, unkind words, etc. and the Bible tells us that we can clean the sins from our lives “by taking heed thereto according to thy word.” Psalm 119:11

Images were taken this morning by theblerger.wordpress.com with my limited help (and my nectarine).



  1. This is a nice post indeed with such a simple analogy.

    On a side note kindly permit me to use the photo of the bad fruit for a post on my blog http://maarkmywords.blogspot.com. I will provide a back link to your blog as an acknowledgement.



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