Life of Elijah Part 2

Part two of my series on the Life of Elijah.

Feel free to use for yourself!
Zarephath – God has a plan for my life
1 Kings 17:8-24
I. God is Shaping Elijah (1 Kings 17:8-10a)
  • God gives a command (17:9a)
  • God gives a promise (17:9b)
  • Elijah must place his faith in God (17:10a)
  • God then gives fulfillment of His promise (17:10b-16)
II. Elijah Tests the Widow (17:10b-24)
  • Elijah’s Request (17:10-13)
  • Widow’s Reply (17:12, 18, 24)
  • God’s Provision (17:16) –notice that God didn’t fill the barrel and cruise, He causes them to not fail
III. God’s Lesson for Me
  • God wants me to know Him
  • God wants me to experience His faithfulness
  • God wants to use me

I know that this is a bare outline, but I am hoping this will help someone!


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