Life of Elijah Part 3

Part three of my series on the Life of Elijah.

Feel free to use for yourself!
Victory on Mt. Carmel – Am I willing to stand?
1 Kings 18:17-40
I. Elijah takes the Stand (1 Kings 18:21)
  • Elijah demands a decision (18:21a)
  • The people remain silent (18:21b)
II. Elijah’s Challenge (18:22-35)
  • The God that answers with fire is the true God (18:24) – God has used fire in the past with Israel: pillar of fire, burning bush
  • Elijah gives the prophets of Baal the first shot (18:25-29)
  • Elijah rebuilds the altar (18:30) – Elijah is appealing to their hearts by having them remember the altar
III. Israel’s Revival (18:36-40)
  • Elijah’s prayer (18:36-37)
  • Elijah’s power (18:38-39)
  • Prophet’s destruction (18:40)

I know that this is a bare outline, but I am hoping this will help someone!


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