Object Lesson on Knowledge and Wisdom

Here is another object lesson from Elementary chapel. It was my last chapel with the kids before school ends for the summer so I preached on Solomon and his asking for wisdom. I told the kids they need to ask God daily for wisdom. All year long they have been sitting in class gaining knowledge, but knowing to do right isn’t enough.

I brought out a sponge and a squirt gun.


I told the kids that the water was the knowledge they have been given during school and that they were the sponge. I squirted the water on the sponge and it soaked it all in. I told them that we are like the sponge and we sit in school, in church, and we get lots of facts, but the facts themselves aren’t enough. We need wisdom. Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge.

I asked the students for one of the 10 Commandments. “Thou shalt not covet.” I said you know the Commandments, that’s knowledge, you can tell me all of them. Wisdom is when I have the opportunity to covet something and I CHOOSE not to! Wisdom is knowing what is right and choosing doing it!

I took the sponge and I began to squeeze it. As I squeezed I told the kids that when we are pressured to choose, the knowledge within us makes us wise when we choose to do right.



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