Teaching Lessons from Deep Sea Fishing

Saturday I went deep sea fishing and I had a blast. The one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was my Sunday School teacher training on Sunday. As I fished I had numerous examples in deep sea fishing that we can apply to our ministry with the kids.

1. Be prepared!

We had to spend the time necessary to prepare before hand for our fishing trip, just like we should be spending time on our lessons prior to Sunday AM. We need to pour our lives into the ministry we have to these kids. The kids can sense when there is lack of preparation on our part. How dare we spend more time in preparation for fishing and other hobbies than we do in the work for God!

2. Bait your lesson so you can hook them and reel them in.

We needed to use something to entice the fish to bite and get hooked. In our lessons, we need object lessons, real life stories and we need to be animated to get the kids hooked on our lessons. We can’t do this unless we are following point number one of being prepared before!

3. Waves knocked us off balance.

We may have some trouble kids in our classes, but don’t let them take you away from the main focus of your lesson. Don’t lose your cool when dealing with them.

4. You will lose some fish, but don’t get disappointed. Go get more!

We are going to have times in our classes when we lose students, but we are not to get discouraged and quit. I am reminded of Jesus who lost followers in John 6:66 and He also lost Judas, but he never stopped loving him. We are never to stop trying to get our students back to Christ.

5. Deep sea fishing left an impression on me. I got sunburn. Bad.

We only have 1 to 2 hours a week with the kids God has entrusted to us. Let’s do all we can as teachers to leave an impression on them!


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