Life of Elijah Part 4

Part four of my series on the Life of Elijah.

Feel free to use for yourself!
Elijah’s Self PityHave you forgotten God and what He’s done?
1 Kings 19:1-18
I. Elijah’s Running (1 Kings 19:1-3)
  • Elijah flees from Jezebel (19:3) – After a great victory for God, Elijah is ensnared by the fear of man
II. Elijah’s Request (19:4-14)
  • Elijah requests the God take his life (19:4)
  • God asks Elijah twice what he is doing in a cave rather than serving Him (19:9 & 13)
  • Elijah responds both times in the same manner; “I am all alone. No one else is serving you.” (19:10)
  • After giving Elijah two chances to respond correctly, God finally gives Elijah his final order.
III. Elijah”s Replacement (19:15-18)
  • God tells Elijah to go to anoint Elisha to take his place as prophet. (19:16) – It amazes me sometimes that we live our lives as though God needs us to serve Him. God can use anyone, but He doesn’t have to use anyone. God at this point says to Elijah, “Go anoint your replacement.” I can’t help but think of the other things Elijah may have done for God before anointing Elisha. I do believe Elijah recommitted himself to the work of God, but what if he remained committed throughout? 

I know that this is a bare outline, but I am hoping this will help someone!


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