Object Lesson on Sin

Here is another object lesson but this time it is from our new boys club we have on Wednesday nights over the summer. We are attempting to make this boys club more than just a teaching time in the classroom. We are trying to have the boys be active and then apply an activity to a Biblical principle. So today I taught on “Sin: not always just missing the mark.”

I brought out a target and a BB gun.

I told the boys that a lot of times we look at our sin as just “missing the mark” of God’s holiness, but it is much worse than just “missing.” We do miss His mark of holiness, but I wanted the boys to recognize the seriousness of sin. On my shooting target, you get 10 points for a bulls-eye and 9 for just missing. Sin is much worse than a 9 on God’s target. Sin is saying, “oh, that target over there is Ephesians 6 and I know I’m supposed to obey my parents, but that target on the other side of the shooting range looks much better” and we take the shot. We don’t always just miss God’s target for our life, many times we outright shoot at an entirely different target.

We are defiant in our sin, we don’t just mistakingly sin. We know what we are supposed to do and where we are supposed to go, we just don’t want to obey!

All too often we make sin to be much less than it is. “Oh, I just missed the mark, I just made a mistake.” Sin isn’t just making a mistake or missing the mark. It’s finding our own target and aiming for that. We need to be careful, especially with our children to not desensitize them to the wickedness and dangers of sin.

After the talk the activity was to have all of the boys shoot 3 times and they each got to keep a target and a BB to help them to remember that sin isn’t always just “missing the mark.”


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  1. This is great Anthony! I never really thought of it that way. What an awesome illustration of how sin is. And I’m sure the kids loved shooting. Nice job.


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