Why I love Arrow Island VBS


Our first VBS workers meeting was this past Sunday night, and our church continues to amaze me as we had over 200 workers sign up to serve God in this amazing ministry. VBS has always been Christmas in July for me. So, imagine my excitement last summer when I first saw the sneak peak of the Arrow Island logo & theme from Regular Baptist Press. I couldn’t have been happier. Why? My first thought went immediately to decor. How easy this will be! My mind was racing with ideas for the platform decorations, the skit/movie possibilities, the lobby layout. Boy, will this be fun!

Arrow Island Logo_Color 3

Then it hit me. Why are we running VBS? Surely it isn’t so we can decorate the platform and the classrooms as cool looking as possible, right? How foolish I felt. I read the tagline of Arrow Island, which really is the heart of this year’s VBS – “Choosing God’s Way.” The kids are going to learn how to make choices–the RIGHT choices in their thinking, watching, and friends. We get to help these children learn not just about the right choice, but about how to make those right choice in spite of a world bombarding them to make so many wrong ones. That is why I love Arrow Island. I love that our volunteers get to help mold kid’s hearts to Choose God’s Way in all aspects of their lives.




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